Simply reorder...

Our newest offer is a system, still unique to Switzerland, which allows you to comfortably order your lenses via; without any commitments or further costs.

You may choose between two different options:

1. Once your stock of lenses starts to run out, you can login to your customer account and order a new box under “my order”. The correct lenses and the right box-size will then be sent to you shortly.


2. You may already have noticed that our shop now offers an automatic reminder service "easyReorder". "EasyReorder" calculates, based on your purchase, the average usage-period of your lens-stock and offers to remind you, free of charge, to buy a new box of lenses after expiry of said period. You will then receive an e-mail with a direct order-link, in which your user data and previous purchase have been saved. One click forwards you directly to your customer account and your required products. Furthermore, you profit from a 5% discount on each reorder. The reminder-cycle can be adapted to your specific needs, simply by changing the amount of days within your account. In case you do not want to receive an e-mail at all, you can simply un-tick the box.



Important: You are not subscribing to any order-commitments. We are merely providing you with a simple way never to run out of lenses. EasyReorder is a free of charge additional option which even offers you a 5% discount.